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Property owners asked to provide personal information

Monday, April 18, 2011

DuBOIS - When Treasure Lake property owners open their bill from the Treasure Lake Property Owners Association, they will find the POA wants their money and a lot of personal information.

This year's property owner assessment is $835. This is a 5.96 percent increase over the current $788 assessment and is due by May 1.

Owners will also find a form that "must be completed" and are required to submit copies of: Owner's deed, vehicle registration and insurance cards for all vehicles.

The form also asks names of everyone on the deed, tax map id number, work and home phone numbers, and also cell phone numbers and email addresses.

Vehicle information includes make, model, year, color, plate number and state and inspection month.
Everyone in the household must be identified with date of birth (month and year), gender, driver's license and photo badge issue date.

Information on back gate cards should also be provided with the card number and date issued.
Fluffy and Spot are not excluded. Pet information requested includes: name, breed, color, age, license number and state, vaccination state number and APCP tag number.

The form also requests information on special medical needs for individuals by name and what the type of need is.

According to the POA, membership cards will be distributed at the POA administration building and will be given to those in the household over 12 years of age. There will be no exceptions. Guest cards will no longer be available. Guests are to be called in at Security. Membership cards may be mailed upon written request.
Vehicle and boat stickers and membership cards will only be provided to members in good standing.
Security will not be issuing vehicle stickers and the marina will not issue boat stickers. Valid registration is required for both vehicles and boat stickers. All stickers will be distributed at the POA office.
Residents will receive two vehicle stickers per lot and will be charged $10 for additional stickers for other drivers living in the household.

There are also changes in payment plan procedures. Property owners will now be paying $40 per lot to be on the payment plan and all prior year balances must be paid in full on all accounts before applying for a payment plan. After May 15, a $150 late fee per lot will be added.

According to the TLPOA website, the property owner database form that was included in the assessment billing was developed to ensure property owners' database records are current and accurate. Most of the information requested is public information and available in public records.

The information states, "We encourage you to complete the form and provide us with important information that will help us to deliver better service to you, our members. If there is a particular item that you are hesitant to provide, such as your driver's license number, we understand. Although it would be beneficial to us to have that information we realize the very real concerns for identity safety and we understand if you decide not to supply a particular piece of information."

Property owners are asked to complete the form and return it. Each question on the form was included in response to specific situations that have been encountered during which information was not available that would have permitted us to serve you better. If you have any concerns regarding this form contact the TLPOA at 371-0711.
By A.J. Sylvis. C-E News Editor. E-mail: